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This BlogSpot was created to be a resource for those considering swimming the approximately 26-mile Molokai to Oahu (Kaiwi) channel.  This channel is known for it's unforgiving conditions-unpredictable wind and strong current and surf.

  1. The best months to swim are generally March/April or September/October due to trade winds.  People have swam this channel year-round.  See the Molokai Channel Swimmer's List on this website of those who have completed the Molokai channel. 
  2. Start Locations:  Most swimmers start from Laau Point, Molokai because it is the closest point to Oahu.  A rocky entry and high surf are to be expected during the winter months.  A second option is Papohaku Beach, midway between the north and south ends of western Molokai.  This location is flat, very sandy and typically affords an easy start.  (Note:  It may add 1 mile distance to the swim)
  3. Finish Locations:    Sandy’s Beach (Most ideal)
                                            Allen Davis Beach (North of Sandy’s, very rocky)

                                      Hanauma Bay (South of Sandy’s, difficult exit, no boats allowed)

                                      Portlock (China Walls, very difficult exit)

                               Diamond Head Beach (Very south, exit OK in daylight)

  1. Molokai resources:

·       Blue Goose B & B      
                                             Phone: (808) 552-0176

·    Hotel Molokai

                                                  Phone: (808) 553-5347

·       Helemai Taxi  Phone: (808) 336-0967 or (808) 646-9060  (Available 24/7)
·       Flying to Molokai: You cannot fly directly to Molokai from the mainland or other countries.  From Oahu, the following airlines are available:
                       GO Mokulele, Phone:  1-866-260-7070 (toll free)
                       Hawaiian Air Lines:  (800) 713-1220
                       The Molokai Airport code is MKK

     5.  Recommended Boat Pilots:       Matt Buchman    Phone:  (808) 306-6012

                                                                Ivan Shigaki       Phone:  (808) 864-4572

                                                      Mike Twigg-Smith       Phone:  (808) 853-8449

(Cost is negotiable between you and the pilot)

It is highly recommended and cost-effective to buy your supplies on Oahu and have them on-board the boat before going to Molokai.  If there is a particular item you must have for this event or certain nutritional supplement you are accustomed to, we recommend you bring it along with you, as you may not be able to find the same thing to purchase here. Linda Kaiser can assist you.

  1.  Points of Contact for information and help with your swim
·       Linda Kaiser, phone:  (808) 372-2360 Email:
·       Bill Goding, phone:  (808) 221-1671, Email:

  1. Weather information:  

Water temperatures range from the low 70's in the winter to mid 80's in the summer.  This is a very challenging swim!  Food, glow sticks, lubrication and a good support team are a must.  Good luck!

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